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Tomas RIG (maya 2018+)

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It was interesting for me to see this cat in 3D implementation,

this is one of my favorite characters in the same row from "Ninja Turtles")

It was also a kind of challenge for me, since many aspects of cartoon animation are not easy to develop in 3D.

I had to try this or that type of rigging more than once (for example, for eyebrows or corners of the mouth)

in the process of work, the mesh, proportions and character design also changed.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who took part in the "TOMAS RIG" project.

In particular, Illia Loginov, thank you for the feedback on the design of the model

and Roman Adamanov

the artist who did not let Thomas freeze and made an excellent fur.

I hope you enjoy playing with the cat Tomas and will be able to make cool animations)


You can download the scene for rendering and hair from the link.

You just have to replace the rigging scene reference with a scene with animation,

or in any other way transfer the animation to the scene


I wish you good animation with Tomas)

Take part in AnimChallenge and have fun -

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Tomas RIG (maya 2018+)

27 ratings
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